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Organization Blindness: the Concept that Keeps You Unconscious

Remember those old Febreeze commercials about being nose blind? Meaning, being exposed to a scent long enough left you actually smelling nothing. Genius marketing if we don’t say so ourselves.

This notion is so interesting though, as it can happen around virtually most areas of your life. The one pertaining to our industry, though?

Organization blindness.

We’ve coined this very intuitive sounding concept to highlight most people’s issues around clutter. Stare at something long enough, (a pile of books, laundry, extra anything), and it seemingly fades into the background, slowly becoming part of your home’s scenery.

We’ve talked about how clutter can become a source of anxiety. But the worst kind of anxiety? Having it and not even knowing why.

With random piles in the background of your home’s aesthetic, you might not even be able to put a finger on why you’re uncomfortable in your own space.

This is why it’s so important to tackle organizational projects head on as soon as you can. Just moved? Unpack your boxes right away if you’re able. Come home from a trip? Take the extra step to clean out your suitcase before it becomes a thorn in your side. Small steps now lead to a huge impact later, and even more importantly – an avoidance around becoming organization blind.

For the projects that are past the point of getting done yourself and have moved into overwhelm, that’s when you can look to hire a professional. They can help you refocus your vision so you can see your problem areas, breathe ease into your home, and help you break the vicious cycle (that is sometimes not even known) of being #organizationblind.

Need some help to see again?

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