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Our Top 8: Fave Amazon Pantry Products

Updated: Apr 24, 2020

Looking to overhaul your pantry? Look no further! Head on over to our digital download with our instant printable step-by-step guide.

Need some product inspo? We've also got you covered with some of our favorite Amazon picks!

*The Living Collective is a part of the Amazon Affiliate Program, and may receive a small commission (at no cost to you) through purchasing via the links provided. This by no means effects WHY we recommend products, as we only bring the best to our clients.

1. Dry storage containers - a necessity for any pantry project. Ditch the clunky boxes and keep your food fresh. Think items like pasta, rice, lentils, coffee, etc. This set stacks nicely AND comes with chalkboard labels.

2. Can storage - because you shouldn't feel like you're playing Jenga every time you go to store your cans. Not to mention the lack of visibility that happens when they're improperly organized. Know what you have, don't bust a toe. It's a win-win.

3. Pantry lazy susan - the best friend you never knew you needed. These are especially valuable when you have corners that are hard to reach, where food can oftentimes get trapped behind other items or become inaccessible. Great for spices, baking supplies, or condiments.

4. Plastic Storage Baskets - because, storage, duh. These are sturdy and easy to wipe down. Think: kid's lunch grab and go items, bags of chips, etc.

5. Another set of options are these plastic caddies from mDesign. They're great to separate like items granola bars, teas, toppings, etc. They allow you to get rid of boxes that take up space and remove individually packaged items.

6. Add more room for additional storage by attaching this adjustable Smart Design over the door organizer.

7. Depending on your aesthetic, wire bins are also a great choice.

8. Don't forget to label! Depending on your bins, there are several options available for you. We always suggest to get the product first and then see what's recommended. Here are some of our faves as well:

Don't forget to snap your before and after pantry pics and share it with us on Insta

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