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Little Tweaks, Big Changes

Updated: Apr 24, 2020

Know your strengths, but also know your weaknesses. If you’ve never been a morning person, stop forcing yourself to be. While waking up an hour earlier might be something you can push through for a week (and hey, maybe you’ll eventually stick to it and create a new practice), most of the time we fall back on our old ways.

The way to make a difference in your life is to create change with small and sustainable habits, while emphasizing those strengths.

I’m (Alex) not an early bird, and not really a night owl either. Funny enough I feel my prime is midday, and I've stopped trying to force otherwise. I honestly feel that I can get done in 4-6 hours what most people can get done in 10-12. Then in an ideal world, I can use the rest of my day to be productive in ways that lift me up (even if that includes some couch time here and there).

Instead of waking up 45 minutes early to wash my hair (only to hop out freezing and miserable), I make sure I’ve done mostly everything I can the night before - including showering, blow drying my hair, outfits picked out, lunches packed - and all before my 9:30-10:00 pm bedtime.

I try to get it all done before I sit down for the night too. Why? Because the moment I sit down, the moment any desire for productivity goes out the window. And that’s ok - but being aware of this allows me to get ahead of it.

Now instead of having to wake up early, I relish in those last 30-45 minutes. I can put on the final hair/make-up touches, take out the dogs, help get my step daughter together, and head out. And some mornings? I can actually wake up 15 minutes early to meditate. All because I’m not forcing anything upon myself. Maybe it’s psychological, but because something is now an option rather than being an obligation, I actually enjoy my evenings/mornings.

These little tweaks can be total game changers.

Decide ahead of time what meals you’ll make during the week on Sunday. If you want to meal prep - more power to you. If you don’t? That’s no big deal either. By at least deciding what you have the option to cook during the week based on what you have in stock, will allow you to decide between a list of 5 options, vs staring into the fridge and eventually succumbing to Uber Eats.

Don’t get me wrong, as I write this my {awesome and patient} fiance has ordered in sushi, after I complained about how I’m feeling extra tired tonight. But, rather than it being a 5 day in a row habit (like it honestly used to be), I know that it’s that much easier to get back to my normal habits.

And tomorrow? Tomorrow I put chicken in the crock-pot and I face dinner like a boss. For now I celebrate my wins, take my shower, and get ready for bed.

Ease up on feeling bad that you’re not super-woman. It’s not about never having a tired/stressful/frustrating/low productivity day. It’s about how quickly you can get back on track and into your routine.

Whether an early bird, night owl, or midday goddess (ok that's extreme but there's no word for us unique beings lol), what changes can you make to stop fighting yourself and start capitalizing on your strengths?

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