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Our Favorite Amazon Picks: Kid's Storage

Updated: Apr 24, 2020

We’ve scoured Amazon to bring you our favorite kid’s storage finds. Things we’ve personally used, scrutinized the reviews, and found to be the most functional for our favorite clients. As with anything, be sure to check reviews, sizes, and make sure to follow any safety precautions the manufacturers recommend.

*The Living Collective is a part of the Amazon Affiliate Program, and may receive a small commission (at no cost to you) through purchasing via the links provided. This by no means effects WHY we recommend products, as we only bring the best to our clients.

1. A storage solution for kid’s rooms or playrooms, you can categorize by item type and create a central stop for all of your little one’s favorite items. We tend to gravitate towards bin with lids, so on occasion we’ll swap out what they come with.

2. We love cube shelves. These pair perfect with bin storage (seen below). Most can be used vertically or horizontally (think: you can keep the messier, hard to clean up toys in a higher reach up top). It's a versatile piece that can grow as your little one's do. On top you display pictures, puzzles, or anything your heart desires.

3. This bookshelf/reading nook is the best of both worlds you never knew you needed. Store books (or also add in bins) to create a comfy space that your child can call their own.

4. We absolutely love a good arts and crafts center. What better way to keep it under control with a 10 piece removable section storage unit. Keep track of all of your supplies while you keep them in one place. Easily add a lazy susan underneath so it spins around.

5. Need an art station? This one is complete with built-in storage (you know we love that).

6. Also a big fan of a good wood piece. This one is complete with drying rack and storage. Just note you will need to purchase your own chairs.

7. How about a homework center? It's important for them to have a space of their own for virtual learning and homework. This wall mounted floating desk is aesthetically pleasing and functional.

8. Keep your prince or princess’s books at bay with this 4 sling bookshelf, complete with 2 storage boxes. Ideal for a bedroom, playroom, or even classroom.

9. Don’t have a built-in in your little one’s closet? No problem! By investing in a few of these storage towers, we can add instant storage. These are sturdy and come in several color options.

10. These fabric storage bins by mDesign offer an easy-view front window. Perfect to see what it is you’re looking for.

11. mDesign definitely came through with these storage bins. Sturdy and cute, they tend to fit most storage units. Be sure to check for sizing on any pre-existing pieces you might have before buying.

12. We love to swap out colors and patterns when it comes to storage bins. Try pairing a solid with fun prints like this grey chevron. Think: grey & coral, grey & pink, or grey & blue.

13. Game collection getting a little out of hand? We love to ditch boxes whenever we can, and store in organized labeled pouches like the one below. The takes up so much less space, and keeps it simple when it comes to picking your poison for family game night.

14. It's amazing how many puzzles kiddos can accumulate in just a short period of time. Keep them together - pieces and all, in this wire puzzle organizer. Goes great on your cube shelves or even on top of their craft table.

15. Don't have a lot of square footage? Take advantage of a good wall mounted shelf. The wire one below is a model we've suggested to many clients, and haven't had an unhappy customer yet. Store books, art supplies in cute jars, games, stuffed animals, and adjust the height to your preference.

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