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Pro Organizer's Top 3 Holiday Decor Storage Tips

Updated: Apr 12, 2020

You know you’re an organizer when you get bins for Christmas - and you’re genuinely excited about it! lol (no shame here)

We’re sad that the holidays are over, but once everything’s put away - there’s a gift of more space (that tree had to go somewhere) that we tend to genuinely forget about.

As you store things away this holiday season, what are some ways you can get even more organized for next year??

Here are our top three tips to get ahead of next year’s holiday storage headaches:

1. Plastic bins for the win. Whether storing in your attic, garage, or indoor closets, make sure everything has a home. Plastic bins tend to hold up better and let you stack them, allowing you to more efficiently take up space.

2. Label! When you do store items, be sure to label all of your boxes with their contents. Whether it’s ornaments, signs, or a tree skirt - you will no doubt forget by next Christmas. Make your life easier by labeling and storing so you can easily see what’s in there. You don’t need to get fancy here - painters or masking tape and a permanent marker work just fine.

3. Keep it all together. Try to avoid the idea of putting a box where it just happens to fit. By arranging holiday decor by when you’ll need it according to month/season, you’ll know exactly where to go when it’s time.

What holiday decor storage tips do you swear by?? Don't forget to share your ideas on Instagram and tag us

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