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Redefine perfection, let go of guilt

It's not about always staying in a zone of perfection.

In fact - that is completely impossible. Even Martha Stewart has her off days. The reality is that there will be days we're tired, busy, anxious, or overwhelmed. There will also be days that we're fired up, ready to tackle the world, and on top of our shit.

What exactly is perfection anyway? We've set unrealistic standards for ourselves to uphold a certain 'look' - when really what we should be chasing, is feeling good.

Feeling good doesn't necessarily mean that everything looks like the inside of a magazine cover. Feeling good means that we have a place for our things. Our clutter isn't taking over our lives. Mentally we feel refreshed and comforted by the place we call home.

We have to shift our way of thinking from never feeling satisfaction because our lives are not insta-worthy, but breathe into the calm and peace that comes along with a clutter free and clean home (whatever that looks like to you).

Along with a shift in what your 'perfection' looks like (feeling good in your home vs. gracing the cover of Southern Living), let's talk about the real objective here:

It's not about staying perfect, it's about how quickly you can get your home back to that state of being.

THIS is why we come up with storage systems. Things are going to come out of place (hello, anyone that has kids?), laundry is bound not to get put away in a timely manner every single week, etc., but that's ok. Because when we do set aside time and energy to maintain our space, getting back to a streamlined household is now that much faster. You're not starting from scratch because everything has a place.

How do we start?

1. Set your goals for what your perfect looks like - remember your perfect is when you feel calm and comfort, not what Instagram tells you it should look like.

2. Do the work to paint the picture of your perfect. Declutter your home, find a place for your things.

3. Know it's ok not to consistently live there.

4. Trust in yourself that not only will you get back there, but this is all part of the process.

5. When you feel good and have the time - actually get back there, and above everything, ask for help when you need it.

Let's redefine perfection and let go of feeling bad. By releasing judgement about ourselves and our home from standards we didn't even set - we can slink back into the feeling of worthiness, respect, and comfort that we deserve.

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