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Tampa Mama's Fridge Fix

When it comes to organizing your home - the best places to start are your most high-traffic areas!

Your refrigerator is accessed by you, your significant other, kids, and guests. It's also one of the most overlooked when it comes to feeling the love. That can mean it's either anxiety inducing or a site for solace.

Our job? to make it the latter.

When we found out that we had the opportunity to help out local blogger and mom, Marisa, over at Tampa Mama do just that - we couldn't have been more thrilled!

In her case, a good cleanout and quality product made all the difference in the world when it came to a streamlined system. Check out our before and afters along with links for Marisa's fridge-fix!


A lot of items with no real storage in place. This allowed for expired items to hide out and favorite products to go unnoticed.


We categorized like items and saved side shelf space for even faster reach for grab and go ease. Dressings were a perfect example of this.

By shifting the eggs out of their typical store bought container, it gave a much cleaner look. We made sure to cut out and save the expiration date so it's still visible from the outside. The ultimate life hack if you take items out of their original packaging!

Central access to what we could tell was this family's favorite condiment - hot sauces! Closely next door are all of the sauces, condiments and liquid binding ingredients.

We reserved this shelf for taller beverage items that the whole family can instantly find - and track. This can help cut grocery shopping in half, just by seeing what you have.

Everyone also needs a meat and cheese drawer - because well, meat and cheese! By stacking shredded cheese on it's side, it's much easier to inventory what you own.

Lower drawers were reserved for fruits and veggies, and these stackable produce saver bins are a game changer!

Don't forget the freezer! We cleaned out freezer burned (beyond repair) and expired items. Reworking the shelves with categorized items and a product bin brought this space to life!

Looking for a similar look? All of the products we used are affordable and available on Amazon.

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