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The Under $200 Laundry Closet Makeover

Sometimes aesthetic changes to your home don't need to cost thousands of dollars. We were so excited to participate in and guide this project - we had to share!

We wanted to bring you our step-by-step guide with product links so you too could revamp your space on a budget and see the payoff in just one weekend.

Interested in your own re-do and need some help? We're here for you - either virtually or in person.

How did we go from this...

to this...


Our client was over this drab, unorganized space she always hid from guests. It was time to bring function and flair to this normally forgotten area.

The laundry room (or closet in this case) might not be something your guests consistently see, but it's a place that you personally frequent. Coupled with the fact that laundry doesn't tend to be our most favorite task in the world, why not create a space that brings you joy to look at or be in?

That was exactly our mission. Read below for our step-by-step directions, followed by an all inclusive list of materials.

So how'd we do it?

1, We took everything - and yes we mean everything, out of the laundry area. This meant bringing in our licensed and insured (and trusted) handyman for help. We took all items off of shelves, had the current shelves uninstalled (and removed a lot of screws in the wall), and had the washer moved from the space.

2. After wiping down the walls from any dust due to our mini construction, next came the patchwork. We like to use Drydex when it comes to spackling.

3. After every hole from the previous shelf was patched and dry, we then went about using our stick on wallpaper. If you're not going the wallpaper route (which wow it came out stunning), no worries. Now's the time you can paint your wall to your desired color. You may find yourself needing to sand down the walls after you've patched - use your best judgement on what the space needs!

The beauty of going this route is that it was really easy to install - and easy to change in the future. Should she choose to redo it again or resell her house, it can be taken down in minutes.

Our stick-on wallpaper of choice? This beautiful faux wood paneling, found here. We made sure to measure the space thoroughly before placing our order.

Some best practices after our experience:

  • It's helpful doing this with two people. Although not entirely impossible to do on your own, it's nice to have a second pair of eyes and someone to hold from the top - while someone else is able to align the bottom.

  • This paper sticks well to the wall, but if you mess up it's easy to take off and realign - don't stress about it.

  • The panels matched well. We found that the print meshed without a hiccup when lining them up side by side.

During the wallpaper process, we used a precision craft knife to cut around outlets as well as when it got down to the baseboards. An Exacto knife or utility knife works too!

4. Now it's shelf time. We purchased this shelving unit from Amazon. Note that the boards were not included. After we measured appropriately, we ordered wood planks from Home Depot and stained them ourselves. Not feeling very DIY? There are plenty of other options we've found for you below, all from Amazon and delivered to your door (click the pictures for links).

What we used:

Smaller version with planks included:

Floating shelves:

Cube shelves:

We brought our handyman in again for this installation. Once the shelves were up, we allowed for some time for everything to settle.

5. Now came the fun part! It's time for the purge. We went through everything we had taken out (now very helpfully laid out on the kitchen counter) and separated with our client everything that was considered trash, keep, donate, or sell. Find our free printable sorting signs here. She was shocked to find most of what she was keeping up there, she had no business hanging onto.

A few other things that she did want to keep, she was able to find new homes for them (under the sink, in her office) in other areas that were closer within reach and more easily accessible.

6. Once we had the full inventory list of what was staying, it was time to find product that would fit well within the space. Now is the time not only to think about functionality, but design to make sure it fits well aesthetically.

Rather than laying your items directly on the shelf, think about adding to baskets or bins. It helps to not only keep you organized, but it's extremely pleasing to the eye (and less stressful).

For this particular project, we used these baskets from Target:

Looking for other options? We've found some you might also like:

7. Once we have our product, we like to add to the space first, without the items in it. This is intentional in order to get a feel for what fits where. Take a picture once all baskets or bins are in the best places you see fit.

8. We then took down the baskets and started to place in our items. We referenced the picture we took, and placed items in baskets according to usage. Items on lower shelves were things our client used more frequently. Items needed less often were placed in the baskets on higher shelves that she may need to grab her handy step stool for.

9. In order to get away from the mundane look a detergent and softener plastic bottle offered the space, we opted to pour it into these fun carafes. We actually used what she had on hand to up-cycle and avoid cost, but we've added some great alternatives below!

Pro Tips:

- Try to avoid anything with a metal lid, they tend to end up rusting.

- Save the top from the original bottle of detergent/softener. This will help you know exactly how much you need to add to your laundry load, without the guessing. This can hide in whatever bin you store everything in!

10. Wanting a more accessible laundry soap storage option, we switched up our baskets and added a fun wicker tray, also purchased from Target. It had enough depth to it that it hid plastic bags for their litter box (that she uses frequently) and the original lid from the detergent for measuring. The pop of a different color we also felt brought something really special to this space.

We've found some other great options available on Amazon:

11. With all items in baskets, we placed them onto the shelves. With a few areas of opportunity to add decor, we opted for a fake potted plant, a reed diffuser set, and a home made 4x6 frame of 'Laundry today, or naked tomorrow' (thanks Pinterest for the inspo!)

Almost all decor besides the sign, our client had on hand and offered up. Talk about a cost saver for her!

For other alternatives, check out our suggestions!


Faux potted plants:

When redoing your space you definitely need to add what makes you happy - but keep it simple!

12. Lastly, it's time to put everything back. The washer was moved back into place and final adjustments to any of our new storage was made.

Voila! Finished laundry makeover. This only took us a little over a day (definitely complete in one weekend). It was effective, not only around cost but time as well. For such a small input, the impact it has on our client's house is unbelievable.

Looking to do something similar? Here's our item list recapped for you.

Items we used:

Are you attempting the same project? Make sure you @ us on Insta!

Happy DIY'ing!

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