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Fridge Organization 101

If there is anything quarantine has taught us about organization, it’s the value of organized food products, particularly the fridge. The number of trips we make to the fridge lately has multiplied, and if you have children…its even worse!

It is easily the most visited place in your household. And without a good system it can quickly become utter chaos. Not to mention when you can’t clearly see your inventory, you tend to overbuy, leaving you with bags of wilted lettuce and expired condiments.

So here are some of our favorite tips and products to help take meal time (and snack time and lunch #2 time….we’re not judging) from madness to zen.

1. As with most organizing jobs, start by removing every single item in your fridge and place into categories

2. Wipe down and sanitize all of your fridge surfaces… shelves, drawers, handles. We can’t be too safe anymore friends!

3. Go through each food category and remove any expired items, items you know you won’t be using or unnecessary duplicates

We HATE waste so we get the hesitation to hold on to items, especially when that bottle of organic ranch costs you $8. However, here are some good options on where to donate your unused/unexpired food products you no longer need:

- Find a local homeless shelter:

- Find a local food pantry near you:

4. Add your bins (and labels, if necessary)

Here are some of our favorite fridge storage options:

Pro Tips:

  • Always remember to measure before purchasing to ensure width and depth fit accordingly!

  • Place bins in the fridge based on who you want to access them. For items that you want your kids to avoid, place on the higher shelves when possible

  • We highly recommend labels if you have small children, as it helps them find what they need without rummaging through everything and can teach them the value of putting things away easily

5. Time to fill! Start adding your items back into bins, drawers or shelves by categories. To maximize space, if items are individually packaged in a larger packaging, remove them and place in a bin or drawer.

There are great storage options for fresh produce or fruit so that you can eliminate the space packaging takes up and unnecessary waste. Most of these will help preserve your food for longer too!

Bonus points: have all of your labeling facing the same way and outward. It sounds boujee but it really does make a difference in the appearance AND in finding items you need. This may not be sustainable long term but its great for the initial cleanse

And you are done! Sit back and stare in awe! (but not for too long….were trying to save energy, duh!)

We hope this guide will be helpful in obtaining your picture-perfect fridge. And for those of you who want more support, you can always contact us for virtual organization guidance!


The Living Collective

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