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Our 6 Step Guide to an Organized Closet

Sometimes it’s easier to keep the doors shut and live out of the hamper. Sometimes you can only stomach to go in there when the lights are dim. Whatever you do to avoid the anxiety inducing confrontation that is the current state of your closet, we get it. We’ve been there.

We've created a step-by-step guide on how we master any closet project - big or small.

Here’s how we do it:

1. Take everything out - yes, everything. It’s going to get messier before it gets better. Trust us, you’ll get there.

2. Comb through and pick out anything you feel you can do without (or our favorite Marie Kondo saying, get rid of anything that “doesn’t spark joy.”) It’s helpful to make a trash and a donate pile.

3. From here, start to group like-minded items together. Great examples of this in kids closets: Legos, stuffed animals, small knick-knack toys, and crafts. Adult closets: group together jewelry, ties, socks, etc. Don’t worry, you’re not putting anything back yet. This should be easy and light.

4. When you’ve seen how much you have and how many categories you’ve grouped things into, now’s the time to look for storage solutions. A lot of people are surprised at how many they have on hand - and anything can work. Extra large plastic containers, shoe boxes, or visit our fave stores like Target, Walmart, Amazon, and Five Below - even dollar stores are starting to hop on the storage train. The Container Store is also an option, but not always feasible from a location or price perspective. Take note of your budget and your space - especially if it’s one that guests won’t typically ever see. It helps if you’ve taken a few pics before you go or shop online, and even better - take measurements!

5. Now that you have storage to contain your items, everything should find a home. Since you’ve categorized everything, start to find the best container for them. Pick spots that are more accessible depending on how often you or your family will be using things. Bonus points for labels! We love a good professional label, but a chalk pen or white sharpie can still make for a beautiful print.

6. For closets with clothing, group like items as well. We love to color coordinate, but it’s not always sustainable - especially for kids. If the thought of that creates even a little anxiety - DON’T do it. Instead, bulk items in sections for different times and seasons - work-wear, winter coats, long sleeves, dresses, weekend shirts, tank tops, etc. Not a necessity but a nice to have during any closet project is a hanger swap out. If it's in your budget, forego the classic white plastic and move to a velvet or wooden piece. Amazon and even wholesale stores like Costco have surprisingly affordable options. Choosing the right hanger can create more space and a pretty awesome aesthetic.

We promise, it will all come together. We know that it can be overwhelming, both emotionally and physically to go through your things. A big piece of the process is knowing that you have to take it one moment at a time and push through. The end result is worth it!

Half the battle is just getting started, but once you do you might even find yourself addicted to the after feeling of completion and ease.

Until then, happy organizing LC fam!

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